We're on a mission to raise $100 Million for local land banks.

We're awarding fifty $50,000.00 grants to local land banks to study the feasibility of recovering the billions of dollars lost to real estate vacancies each year and reinvesting a portion of that money into local land banks.

Schedule your FREE grant consultation today to speak with a member of our Executive Committee before November 6, 2020 and learn more about how we can help your community.

Dear Land Banks,

America is counting on our land banks to save the communities we love. As the threat of mass foreclosure and evictions draws closer and closer during these difficult times, we want to give land banks the tools and resources they need to succeed.
My name is Eric Golubitsky. I'm the co-founder and Vice President of Government Relations at Parcel Revenue Corporation. We've built the world's first technology platform that uses AI to accurately predict vacancies 1-5 before they occur. Our data-driven platform increases tax revenues to local governments by reducing real estate vacancy rates.

And, the data makes it clear: we need strong land banks to ensure that local governments can maximize precious tax revenue opportunities at a time when our neighbors and friends need more help than ever before.

Join us in this fight.

See how we're helping local land banks.

Increase land bank revenues

Our platform accelerates tax revenue growth by lowering vacancy rates. We are paid a percentage of generated revenues by local governments, and we share 25% of our revenue with land banks.

Increase land banks' reach and influence

Current methods only allow land banks influence over distressed real estate that has reached an unproductive state. Our platform puts land banks ahead of the events that lead to unproductivity.

Allow land banks to grow and prosper

Increased revenue to land banks means sustainability without reliance on grants and government funding. It also means money to grow your staff, upgrade technology, and guarantee the success of land bank initiatives.

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Sustainable Land Bank Initiative® Executive Committee

Diane Hansen

Chief Management Consultant, What Works Consultants

Diane holds a Master of Communication Management from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from California State University at San Bernardino. She holds a High Performance Masters from the High Performance Institute, is a Certified Neurolingustic Programming Coach, a Certified Problem and Change Manager, and a Certified Customer Success Management Consultant.

Julius L. Cartwright

Past President, National Association of Real Estate Brokers

Mr. Cartwright has been one of the county's leading real estate brokers and real estate investors over the past 20 years and served one term as President of the 15,000-member National Association of Real Estate Brokers. He is also a former President of the Ohio Realtist Association and has served on the board of directors for several for and non-profit entities with both regional and national focus on urban development and financial literacy.

Kimberly Hodge-Edwards

Councilwoman, City of Warrensville Heights

Mrs. Edwards has served as a councilwoman since 2000. A member of Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's Family Self Sufficiency Housing Committee, Mrs. Edwards holds a master's degree in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University and has served as a committee/board member for several Cleveland-area non-profits, including the Murtis Taylor Human Services System & Faith Community Credit Union.

Ross Brankatelli

Retired, City of East Cleveland

Mr. Brankatelli has been a state licensed, professional engineer since 1998 and possesses over 40 years of municipal government experience in both urban and suburban communities. Before retiring, Mr. Brankatelli served in various administrative roles for multiple Northeast Ohio cities, most notably serving as City Engineer and Service Director for the city of East Cleveland as well as the City Engineer for the city of Aurora.

Ronnie Owens

Retired, City of Cleveland

Mr. Owens' 30+ year public service career was punctuated by his appointment by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson as Commissioner of Waste Management for the City of Cleveland, serving as commissioner from 2003 until his retirement in 2016. He is credited with the nation's first deployment of RF-chip recycling containers and several state-of-the-art improvements to municipal trash collection processes from over 150,000 homes.

Wendy S. Rosett

Attorney & Magistrate Judge

Ms. Rosett has practiced law since 1991 and holds a Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University's School of Law and a B.A. in education from Hiram College. Ms. Rosett also serves as a magistrate judge in the Shaker Heights Municipal Court in Shaker Heights, OH. Ms. Rosett has served as Parcel Revenue's General Counsel since 2017 and, prior to practicing law, taught special needs children in Ohio's public school systems.

Sustainable land banks are possible. Join Us.

Schedule your FREE grant consultation today to speak with a member of our Executive Committee before November 6, 2020 and learn more about how we can help your community.